Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Like That

I know, I know... I will never pose this way again, EVER!!! LOL! 

 ... so it's now Thursday!!! :D I couldn't be happier!!!

Ok, so that's a real sign that I really am stressed at work. I always cannot wait for the weekend to come. :( I love my job. I love my co-workers. I love my bosses. But come on, sometimes you cannot just love the fact that you have to go to the same office 5 days a week. Or maybe it's the kind of work that I do? I don't know. I have to stop blabbing now. But again, I still love what I do. ♥

Speaking of loving what you do, for the past few months, I've been contemplating about venturing into a new career. I am very, VERY, very much interested in make-up and cosmetics. I like putting make-up on myself and on other people. I have watched hundreds of tutorials, read numerous tips and tricks and practiced make-up application. Seriously, if I have the resources, I will enroll myself to a make-up school. But... yeah... I cannot do that now. I have other financial responsibilities that I have to face.

Ok... enough!!!

For now, I'll be enjoying the rest of the day... and day dream at the same time. ;)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I See Stars

Tried belting the cardigan as well. Which is better? ♥

I love wearing cardigans. Most of the pieces I own actually came from thrift stores. I believe I only have a couple of cardigans that I got brand new from the mall. My reason being is simple: I like the selection of cardigans in thrift store waaaaaaaaaaaaay better. Plus, most are over-sized, which I love.

The cardigan and skirt in the photo are both thrifted. Who wouldn't love the beautiful star prints in the skirt. When I saw it in the thrift store rack, I knew I just had to get them. And since the fabric is actually see-through, I had to wear something underneath to hide what needs to be hidden. LOL! It does have a black lining on the inside but it's too short. Anyways, I still love 'em.

Happy hump-day to all! ♥♥♥