Saturday, December 18, 2010

50th Avenue: My Favorite Fashion Stop

I'm sure a lot of fashionista ladies (and gents) in the metro know about the 50th Avenue in Robinson's Galleria. :D It was recently temporarily closed for renovation and now that it's open once again, I cannot help myself but drop by the place every so often. The place is pure fashion bliss! It's almost like an upscale tiangge (flea market).

There are also a lot of stalls (more than before, and oh, with awesome interior designs) that offer great, and not so mass produced pieces (yey!), from bags, to clothes, to accessories and shoes.

And speaking of shoes, behold, my newest babies! <3

These shoes are an unexpected purchase. I was looking for cute skirts around the area and when I saw these, oh my, I thought I just had to have it.

By the way, it's from this quaint little store called Cocobelle. :D They also have awesome skirts!

I wore it with this outfit to work last Thursday and they were absolutely comfortable! :D

shorts: YRYS; tank top: Robinson's dept store; cardigan: thrifted

Ho ho ho! Few more days before Christmas! :D :D :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why Diet is a Word Unknown to Me

Chicken fingers served with cheesy penne pasta

Chicken fingers served with cheesy garlic potatoes 

I am soooooooo glad I work near Banchetto! :D Heaven-sent goodness like these are just a stone throw away!

And these delicious treats are brought to you by ChickFish. :) The chef/proprietor is actually my boyfriend's cousin. She's an awesome cook! :D

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Because of Paper Bags

So we all love shoes. We cannot seem to get enough of it. Most specially when you see a big "SALE" sign in front of the store! Even when you do not have any plans of shopping for anything, that freakin' sign just blows up everything. LOL

So here is my latest unexpected-shoe-purchase last week and I am so thrilled! Not just because I like the shoes' simplicity, but also the paper bag it came it. I know. I'm shallow.

I actually enjoy Celine paper bags. They are very simple. Always have bold and attractive colors. I have 'em all. The black, the red, the purple (of course!) and now the yellow one. It's really pretty. And it really comes to good use specially on Christmas season when I have to bring gifts to my officemates. They can fit in 1 to 2 Celine paper bags! (Ok so do I sound really weird now?) Hey, no more plastic bags! :D :D :D

Have you ever seriously liked a paper bag from a particular store that you love buying from it just to have more bags?!

Hahaha ~ I know. I am that weird.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Thursday! ♥

Oh Thursday... It's the day that is almost Friday. But it's not. Hence the mixed emotions. LOL.

I was browsing some "strange news" from the world wide web when I suddenly came across this thing that made me LOL for a good 5 minutes.

Sorry. I cannot help but share it with you, guys! LOL

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bargain Finds When You Least Expect It

Last Saturday was my thrift-hunting-day and boy, I was thrilled. I went alone and visited 3 different thrift shops in my area. The sun was mad outside and despite my white shirt and denim shorts outfit, I thought I was gonna faint while walking downtown. Thank goodness the thrift shops I came to were air-conditioned! Whew! At least, I had fun digging for clothes!☺

After my much anticipated retail therapy, I decided to go home BUT much to my disappointment, it is still glaring HOT outside. I was already wearing black sun glasses but I was still squinting. Oh dear! I looked at my left and saw this fun-looking store that was air-conditioned, too. It's actually an everything-100-peso store. But once I got inside, I discovered that they also carried items that are priced at 50 pesos. They had RTWs, sunglasses, slippers, cheap flats, belts, accessories and a lot more. What caught my attention were these babies:

At first glance, I really thought they were the plastic, silver plated type of rings. That was because I saw the 50-peso price tag beside it. :D So I asked one of the saleslady if I could take a look and she pulled out boxes of these assorted rings. I was surprised to discover that they were pretty heavy, definitely made of pure metal. And for only 50 pesos! So I chose the ones I liked and ended up purchasing these 4. :)

While I was paying, the cashier asked me if I wanted it to come in individual boxes. She probably thought I was gonna give it away as gifts because the boxes looked like little Christmas gift boxes. Hahaha. I agreed though. I might be able to use the boxes for actual gifts this holiday. :D

My stubby fingers! LOL 

And hairy, too! Haha!

Hope all is well. :D

Few more days before Christmas! Are you excited. I sure am. ☺☺☺

Friday, December 3, 2010

Get Organized, Bag!!!

My first bag organizer was from SM department store. I liked it, yes. It did serve its purpose. But when I saw these sturdier looking bag organizers from Beabi, I just had to give it a try.

Mother Earth friendly paper bag :D

It is very roomy. :D

Front and back. 

And the best part about this purchase...

Beabi has various storage items in their store so I'm certain you won't leave their store empty handed. Their products are also very inexpensive ~ YEY!

Back with a Tag! :D

Zebra print top scored from a thrift store. :D

November came by fast! Whew! Still cannot believe we're now a few more winks to Christmas! *^^* Happy Holidays to all!

A very talented and creative blogger tagged me in one of her recent posts. It was Meream of Bored and Crafty. I'm so excited to answer the questions so here it goes. ~~~

Why did you create the blog?
I like to write. I love to read. I have fallen in love with reading blogs. It's just sooo addicting reading about other people's (mostly strangers) daily experiences. And then I came across beauty blogs which entertained me so much. I started a Youtube channel a few years back but then ~gasp~ I thought that site isn't really for sensitive persons like me. Within a few months, I gained a lot of subscribers but I also gained haters. If you don't like a nail art design that someone else put up on Youtube, you just normally move on to another video, right? Well, not for all people. Some would really leave nasty and hurtful comments. I don't want this post to be a rant, so basically that's the reason I switched to a blog. :D

What kind of blogs do you follow? 
Nail art, fashion, makeup, food, photography and even travel blogs. :D

Favorite makeup brand?
E.L.F. :D It's inexpensive but definitely not cheap!

Favorite clothing brand?
None. If ukay-ukay (thrift store) is a brand, then that would be it! LOL

Your indispensable makeup product? 
Carmex lip balm!

Your favorite color?
I love all colors! But obviously my favorite is purple. <3

Your perfume?
Tommy Girl

Your favorite film?
This is the most difficult question in the whole wide world! I'm such a movie geek. Maybe the most recent film that I consider my favorite would be "Easy A".

What country would you like to visit and why?
Brunei. I would like to know more about the birthplace and first home of the love of my life. *^^*

Write the last question and answer it yourself.
What are you looking forward to 2011?
More ME time. :D

I tag everyone reading this! :D

Have a wonderful weekend!