Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Garfield Came By

The other night, while by boyfriend and I were hanging out in our front porch, there came a cute little creature that completely broke away our attention from each other.


We do not know who owns this cat, nor where it came from. It just swung by and offered us both a treat: it's pure cuteness. :D:D:D 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Definitely Not Blue

Weather is still pretty chilly these days. The best colors for nails in these kinds of weathers would be reds, plums, blues and deep violets (which I all love).

Happy Tuesday, everyone! ♥

Tell Me Where You're Going

Warning: Spoiler alert for the movie 127 Hours!

Last December, I had the opportunity to watch a this film entitled 127 Hours. I'm sure you have heard of that. I'm also pretty much sure that you have seen it, too (or maybe got interested in doing so). It was, well, a very inspiring and thought-provoking movie. The story was based from real life events, mind you. That made viewing the movie even more exciting.

Photo from Google

Last night, my boyfriend came by to my place and surprised me with a DVD of the movie. I was thrilled! And since my sister and my brother - who are both movie addicts like me - are home, we decided to watch the movie again all together. It was the first time for my sibs to see it, second time for me and my boyfriend.

After the film, my siblings were like, "Wow, that's great. I never would have thought of doing that just to live." My boyfriend and I, on the other hand, had an emotional (yes, emotional. LOL) talk about the movie. Both of us were almost in tears while discussing what we would do if ever we encounter a similar situation.

Is there a valid reason to leave your phone at home when you are going somewhere?
Would you ever go somewhere without telling anyone, not a single person, about it? 
How far would you go to save yourself from danger?  

and lastly,

Would you actually amputate your arm if it got stuck in between huge rocks and no one is around to help you?:(

These were some of the questions that got us thinking. Again, the movie is based on facts. While watching it, one could definitely feel the possibility of the same things happening to anyone. ANYONE. You do not have to be a mountaineer like Ralston (the character, who is actually a real person) to experience morbid accidents as such. You do not have to be an adventurer to have close encounters with death.

If you want to be inspired to live, or just be inspired, watch this film. :) Please do. :)
If you have seen this film, good for you. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Naked Without These

Just like you, my heart melts once I enter a shop filled with interesting pieces of jewelries. It always does. If I had a million dollars, I'd probably spend a quarter of it on accessories alone. I am quite picky though, and there are certain accessories that I do not like much... like bracelets and bangles - not so much of a big fan, so I only have a few. What I have the most are earrings, which make me think: I should make a separate blog post on that. :D

Some of the pieces I acquired on the first month of the new year (so far! hahaha!):

Very classic. <3

Because butterflies are lovely creatures. :D 

Chunky shell ring. 

Connector ring. No, it's not from Forever21. :) 

Turquoise = LOVE. Note to self: Get more! :D

Gotta have a purple pair <3

My go-to pair these days. :D 

I saved the best for last. :D

One of my favorite verses. :D 

The last is my favorite necklace at the moment. It sort of like a mini charm necklace. One of reasons I got it is because not only is the mini Eiffel Tower adorable, it also looks like a letter A... for Abbie. :D Yeah, I'm shallow like that. :P

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! *^^*

Nothing Special About This Friday

 ...but the idea of being hours away from weekend brings the biggest, most genuine smile on my face!☺ Happy Friday to everyone!

My partner in crime for this blog (a.k.a. my camera) was borrowed for a week so I wasn't able to post pictures of the nail art designs I came up with this week. I got my little gadget back today though, so I'll be shooting crazy some things I will blog about next week. *^^*

For now, I will be listing down the things I am currently obsessed with.♥♥♥

Denim shorts! I particularly love the distressed ones. They are my current fashion eye candies. A few months back, our family received a huge balikbayan box from a relative abroad that contained heaps of clothes. There were tons of jeans, too! But sadly, I wasn't interested with the styles it carried. So I watched countless video tutorials on how to cut denim pants into shorts and make them look stylish and updated. :D
Photo from Google
Photo from Google

Zebra prints! Last year, I was so engrossed with the idea of leopard prints and now I candidly moved on to a fellow animal print - this time, black and white. :D I have a VERY similar skirt like this but instead of black and white, it was black and gray.
(Photo from Google) Now if only I have that body to rock this kind of outfit!!!! So jealous! 
Zebra print top from thrift shop. :D
Zebra print tank top from Robinsons' Department Store

Turquoise jewelry! I love purple. I also love turquoise. ♥♥♥ It all started when my sweet cousin gifted me a pair of turquoise earrings for Christmas (pictured below). After that, I began buying rings, necklaces, more earrings and even more rings with turquoise stones (not the real ones, though... I can only wish!).

Photo from Google

Milk tea! Sad fact: I cannot drink coffee (unless it's decaffeinated). My heart just cannot handle caffeine well. :( But I worry not, because Lipton milk tea saves my day! :D I love having tea (the real ones that you steep) at home but when I'm at work, I settle for the ones from sachets. It tastes the same, minus the hassle of mixing tea, creamer and sugar. It's perfect for the really cold January breeze.♥

Lip balms! It's sooo cold these days! And I think it's even colder here where I live because we're almost on top of Manila. Unfortunately, the cold and dry weather has taken a toll on my lips. You see, I have thick lips, and when it becomes dry and flaky, it is just SO OBVIOUS. :( I have always carried lip balms with me since high school. My first one was Chapstick. After a while, I got tired with it's strong scent, so I moved on to Nivea. Now, I am absolutely in love with Carmex. At night though, before I go to dreamland, I only use petroleum jelly on my lips. I've been doing that for more than a decade now and have always loved the result.
Photo from Google
Photo from Google 
This is the exact same brand I use. :D (Photo from Google) 

There you go. My "obsessions" would probably change from time to time. Heehee! *^^*

I'm still grinning from ear to ear because it's Friday. I hope this weekend will be an awesome one for all of us.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Jewels On White Clouds

It's another freezing Monday and it's just so damn difficult crawling out of bed! The other day, I got an SMS from my boyfriend saying that he feels that Christmas is just around the corner... again! Hahaha! True! It really does feel like the holidays are comin' right up. And it feels nice. ☺

This would be my nails for this week. I love using glitters in all my nail art designs even though it's such a pain in the a** to remove it. :( Well, not so much... I'm just probably that lazy. You see, glitter polishes take time to be removed compared to plain polishes.

I hope that everyone is having a great start this week. ☺☺☺

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Signs

So I'm sure you've heard the dumbfounding news about the new horoscope signs. Now I'm not really a firm believer of astrological signs and how it affects your destiny. I remember when I was in elementary school, my classmates and I would always talk about our "signs" then try (or impose ~ LOL!) to relate ourselves on how each sign is described.

"You're a Virgo, oh so that's why you're very cheerful!" - The typical statements I remember saying back then. I am supposedly born under the Pisces sign. When I read the characteristics of a Pisces (from books and magazines back then 'cause Internet has not been introduced to my generation), it seemed like I was reading that Johari's Window (remember that from school excursions? hahahaha!) about myself. Most descriptions were exactly how I and other people viewed me. BUT, I do not really read the "daily horoscope" and pattern my day onto it. I just don't.

If I'd get a tattoo, I'd probably have something like this. :) 

So, here's the signs and their new dates, plus a newbie!

OPHIUCHUS = NOVEMBER 30 - DECEMBER 17 - the newbie! :D

So, are you still under the same sign? Did it change? Oh and notice Ophiuchus? That's new. Try to do some research and you'll find that there's an interesting story behind it. Try to watch this, too. This guy had a rather humorous way of looking at the new situation he is at. Funny!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Red Tips on a Cold Monday

I woke up really early today because it was just too damn cold! Brrrr! I cannot believe that the temperature could still get that low considering that I already live "on top of Manila". LOL! Anyways, I hope all is well today. :)

Now, my nails. I love red nail polishes! Any brand, hue, or intensity will do as long as it is indeed red. But as much as I love the color for my tips, I try not to do it often. I don't know. I just want a different color for my nails every week.

For this week, I still used red but I did not go all the way. I used white and some nail jewels to make my little canvases look sophisticated. :)

Simple, no? :) But it still looks festive because of the red color, so I really like it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Very Purple Year Ahead!

Aside from all the celebrations held at the end of each year, another thing that brings me so much excitement is when I go hunt for the perfect planner for the following year. I always get giddy looking at the sea of planners in bookstores or even in office supply stores. I'm like a kid in an ice cream store deciding which flavor to have!

I don't know about you, but looking for THE planner is a big deal for me. That piece of notebook will be with me for the rest of the year, so it really has to be perfect in my eyes. Last year, I went for a planner with a plain black cover, then I decorated it with pink and purple rhinestones, pearls, and shiny stickers. That way, my planner will not look the same as my co-workers'. LOL!

This year, I went for something simpler, but made sure that it had the color I like love. ♥

I am certain that you may have seen this planner in National Book Stores or in Robinson's Department Stores cashiers. :D It is sold in blue, green and pink. :) But I only saw the purple ones in NBS.

I know a lot of people opted for the Starbucks' planner, and I honestly don't understand why! LOL! Don't get me wrong... I like its design but I'm not digging the inside of the planner. My golden rule when purchasing a planner is that there should be one whole page dedicated for each day of the year. The Starbucks' planner does not have that.

Where did you get your planner for this year? :D Do you love it? ♥♥♥
Have an awesome weekend ahead, everyone! :D

Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's All Embrace 2011! :D

My sister, my mom, my brother, and my dad. I took the picture, hence, my absence. LOL

Whew! Holidays for me and family are always extremely busy! Family gatherings, reunions, gift buying, cooking, organizing of parties... the list goes on. I'm glad that the busy days are over, but somehow dissed because the celebrations have also stopped. :( Oh well, we could still make everyday Christmas or New Year, right? :) :) :)

I have numerous things I'd like to post in this blog. But, my oh my, I cannot decide where to start! :P

Maybe I'll post these pictures of my nails for the past two weeks of celebration.

My Christmas week nails. It's an old pattern that I always play with.

My New Year nails! Nothing dotsy in it cause I wanted something simple and different. The stars, BTW, are nail jewels that are gifted from a cousin.

Choosing nails designs are always very tricky to me. I want something special since I'll be seeing friends and relatives whom I very seldom meet. However, I also need to think of designs that can easily match different outfits for the different occasions to attend. That was probably the reason my New Year nails are not as extravagant as others might think it would. But I don't care! :D

I missed reading blogs! I'm ecstatic (in a way...LOL) now that I'm back to my normal waking up / sleeping schedule, hence, having time to log on to my Blogspot!