Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nail Arts: First Few Attempts ♥

It was probably back in my 6th grade when I started taking fancy on nails. I remember when I and some girl seatmates in class would compare how long our nails were by the end of each week (our school wasn't that strict with nail lengths, only with nail polish - it's a no-no!). On summer vacations, I'd take chances on painting my nails with either baby pinks or blues and show them off to my classmates who I normally see on weekends.

I used TheFaceShop's hot pink polish and their stick-on flowers too.

College days for my nails were a complete vacation. Since I was soooooo busy with my major, I rarely had time to even take notice of my nails. I had the occasional black tips (it was super "uso" during my college days) but it would only last for a few days then I'd take it off. I have a pet peeve for chipped nail polish, you know... like really, how can you stand that?! Most specially if you're wearing a dark color?! Ugh!

I super love French tips. This is an upgraded one. ♥ 

Back then, I only had toothpicks as dotters.

My summer nails!♥

Anyhow, fast forward to 2006 (when I graduated from college ~ woohoo!). I reunited with my love and passion for nails. Since I immediately got a job after graduating, I had the moolah now to buy cute polishes and other nail care items I could get my hands on. I started with the most basic though, like nail polish remover (level up from acetone! LOL), nail oil and lotion, nail clippers, etc. Afterwards, I got hooked on the purchasing a whole lot (and i mean a LOT) of different colored polishes. I really made sure I had all the basic colors, and then started to branch out on glitters, frosty colors, dual chromed, and so on. I also raved on the nail treatment products I saw on drugstores. They're cheap and oh they really prettified my nails!♥

More pictures to come!♥

Pinks and purples are the best nail color combination. I think!♥

Colorful French tips. The vibrant colors were from TheFaceShop. 

Another colorful French tips.♥

Tell me, how did you start with your nail art passion?♥


  1. wow, i like summer nails and the last one, all are gorgeous but those two standout the most atleast for me. :) keep them posting!


  2. thanks a lot, Bea! you're my 1st follower! thanks again!♥

  3. Abbie, i'm soooo jealous! Hehehe I love your nails. :)


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