Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh Summer Time!

I used to hate this beautifully printed blouse that I got from a thrift store ages ago. It's too long. It's sorta see-through. The fabric makes my skin itchy at the end of the day. Aaaaaand, since it is a long button down, I only wore it with black tights.

This morning, while rummaging through my closet, I saw this again and wondered why it was still there. Hehehe I really thought I gave it away already. Then, I fell in love once again with its beautiful prints. It is perfect for summer!♥

I love summer. I know that summer here in the country can get waaaaaay too hot, but I still love it. As for dressing up, it gives you this license to be as colorful as you like (although I got a few lingering stares since I paired this outfit with bright pink shoes). Heehee!

Happy Friday, everyone!!! ♥♥♥


  1. i love the top!!! it looks so summer and that ribbon rings is soo cute

  2. wow nice outfit! :) i love how you mix and match clothes! :D

  3. i love the top! it is so summer-y, tropical feel! :)


  4. your top is so summery!!! it's great that you gave it a second chance!!

  5. such a fresh look!!! like every detail of it! u look awesome!!

  6. Hey love this! So stylish! Beyond glad I discovered your blog. I'm absolutely in love with this. I'd really be glad if you visit mine too. Check it out for updates every day about the latest fashion news, trends and street style. Would love your support. Kisses from Brazil xoxo

    PS: If you follow me, I'll follow you back.

  7. love your blouse <3 great outfit!!

  8. in love with that shirt !! so colorful, really nice. great outfit girl! Fallowing you <3

    xx from France


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