Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh Summer Time *^^*

I used to hate this beautifully printed blouse that I got from a thrift store ages ago. It's too long. It's sorta see-through. The fabric makes my skin itchy at the end of the day. Aaaaaand, since it is a long button down, I only wore it with black tights.

This morning, while rummaging through my closet, I saw this again and wondered why it was still there. Hehehe I really thought I gave it away already. Then, I fell in love once again with its beautiful prints. It is perfect for summer!♥

I love summer. I know that summer here in the country can get waaaaaay too hot, but I still love it. As for dressing up, it gives you this license to be as colorful as you like (although I got a few lingering stares since I paired this outfit with bright pink shoes). Heehee!

Happy Friday, everyone!!! ♥♥♥

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