Friday, November 19, 2010

Cheap Find: Belts

Went to the ever popular store Saizen to buy some cute nail polishes and just like what usually happens, I ended up buying more than what I planned.

In the men's accessories section, I saw these plain but nice looking belts. Then I told myself "I have to get these!"

I got a black and a brown belt. Only for 85 pesos each!!!

And here's me wearing the brown belt already. :D I know I have humungous legs but I don't care! LOL

Happy weekend, everyone! <3


  1. i love your outfit!!! i love cheap finds!!!as in

  2. Thanks, Donnarence! Yeah, cheap finds make my day! Hahaha Go na sa Saizen! *^^*

  3. I agree, love the belts esp the brown one..:) Great outfit too! <3


  4. beautiful belt!! :D im a berlt fiend! and its good to know you got this from the mens section! :D

    Taradiddles of Style on a Budget

  5. Only 85? Great finds!
    And no, your legs are not humongous. You should see mine. Haha


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