Friday, December 3, 2010

Back with a Tag! :D

Zebra print top scored from a thrift store. :D

November came by fast! Whew! Still cannot believe we're now a few more winks to Christmas! *^^* Happy Holidays to all!

A very talented and creative blogger tagged me in one of her recent posts. It was Meream of Bored and Crafty. I'm so excited to answer the questions so here it goes. ~~~

Why did you create the blog?
I like to write. I love to read. I have fallen in love with reading blogs. It's just sooo addicting reading about other people's (mostly strangers) daily experiences. And then I came across beauty blogs which entertained me so much. I started a Youtube channel a few years back but then ~gasp~ I thought that site isn't really for sensitive persons like me. Within a few months, I gained a lot of subscribers but I also gained haters. If you don't like a nail art design that someone else put up on Youtube, you just normally move on to another video, right? Well, not for all people. Some would really leave nasty and hurtful comments. I don't want this post to be a rant, so basically that's the reason I switched to a blog. :D

What kind of blogs do you follow? 
Nail art, fashion, makeup, food, photography and even travel blogs. :D

Favorite makeup brand?
E.L.F. :D It's inexpensive but definitely not cheap!

Favorite clothing brand?
None. If ukay-ukay (thrift store) is a brand, then that would be it! LOL

Your indispensable makeup product? 
Carmex lip balm!

Your favorite color?
I love all colors! But obviously my favorite is purple. <3

Your perfume?
Tommy Girl

Your favorite film?
This is the most difficult question in the whole wide world! I'm such a movie geek. Maybe the most recent film that I consider my favorite would be "Easy A".

What country would you like to visit and why?
Brunei. I would like to know more about the birthplace and first home of the love of my life. *^^*

Write the last question and answer it yourself.
What are you looking forward to 2011?
More ME time. :D

I tag everyone reading this! :D

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Haha! I am a loyal ukay-ukay brand buyer, too! :D

  2. hi abbie what is your hair color??? :D

  3. @Meream:
    Yey for ukays! Really the best! :D

    It's strawberry blonde from Revlon. :D


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