Thursday, November 4, 2010

Keep 'Em Strong

I know not all human females would want to grow their nails LONG but I'm pretty sure they still, at least, want to have decent looking, medium length, or super short, nails.

Ever since I started my Youtube channel to feature my so-called nail art tutorials, I've also started getting lots of requests for me to make a video on tips on how to keep nails strong. Requests as such would come from these ladies' plans on growing their nails long. And, my goodness, who would not want to grow out your nails when you can do something like these on your tips...

I ♥ these!
Let's admit it, ladies-who-love-nail-arts! Designs of our choice will look a lot nicer if our nails are a few centimeters longer than our actual fingers. It provides a bigger canvas for design, thus, making it look even more bongga (glamorous)!

My nails. Photo taken a few months back. I'm missing them. : (

That photo shows the LONGEST length my nails have ever reached before I decided to cut them back to a more comfortable (and safer ~ LOL) size. It just wasn't for me. I LOVED my long nails. I had endless designs made for them while it lasted. I had different nail art designs almost every 2 days! So why did I cut it? Mainly because I started having problems typing. Don't laugh. It is true. My work requires to type ALL DAY long and it was such a bummer when I suddenly became a slow-as-an-80-year-old-without-experience-with-computer-whatsoever typer! Other ladies that I know with long nails never had problems with it, but I did! Poor me.

Another reason is, well, I started hurting myself - HAHAHAHAHA! Specially while taking a shower. Red patches of scratch on my neck, back, thighs, and arms would appear right after I dry myself after bathing. My mom started worrying. Hahahaha!

Anyhowwwwwww, I still occasionally had my nails grow every now and then but I'd only keep 'em for a short while. Like a week, perhaps.

Now let's move on to some tips I've collected through time. These are based from my own chronicles and from Youtube's nail art gurus and nail technicians. By the way, I am absolutely not a professional. I am just a nail and nail art enthusiast.

1. Moisturize your cuticles. This is a must whether you want to grow your nails or not. Use a cuticle oil and read this. When your cuticles are properly nourished, they will start growing strong and nice looking nails. If you don't have a cuticle oil at home, you may use olive oil or your trusty petroleum jelly.
2. Use a basecoat before painting your nails. A basecoat is basically a clear nail varnish that protects your nails from the harsh chemicals found in your regular nail polish. Yes, there are harsh chemicals in there. You don't want those to come in contact with your bare nails now, don't you? Not only can they make your nails yellow, they can also make your nails become brittle, thus, hindering you from your quest on growing out your nails. Nail techs in the States even suggest that we apply a basecoat even if we don't plan to paint our nails. It will serve as a protection for our nail bed.
3. Do not neglect your nails' free edge. Free edge?! That's basically the very tip of your nail. The one that you file. When applying a basecoat, swipe a thin coat on the free edge as well to prevent the manicure from chipping easily. And once again, even if you do not intend to apply color to your nails, the basecoat will protect your free edge from splitting.
4. Stick to the sandpaper nail file stick. Metal nail files may seem easier to use but these can damage our nails. Glass nail files are also recommended, but they can be expensive and is actually quite pricey. (EDIT: hahahaha define redundancy!? LOL)
5. File your nails in 1 direction ONLY. 'Nuff said.
6. Be careful in using your nails when you just got out of the shower. Wet and soaked nails are very delicate. Try not to scratch too hard, open a can of soda, or ________ (insert an activity involving fingernails) after taking a bath. Wait till your nails are completely dry. They are stronger when dry.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow if you intend to have long nails, or just keep your nails strong. I am sure there are A LOT of other tips that professionals out there can give you, but these are the ones that have worked for me.

And I am certain that you, dearies, also have your own ways of caring for your lovely tips. Care to share it with us?


  1. wow thanks for this abbie!!this is very helpful.. is there a nail hardener you know?? and i did not know you have a youtube channel!! subscribe button hello!!hehe

  2. @Donnarence:
    hehehe thanks for subscribing!♥ a good nail hardener that i know is sally hansen's nailgrowth miracle, which is a bit pricey! boo! :( a local alternative would be caronia's hardener basecoat.:D works as fine.:D

  3. i found some cheap glass nail files at walgreens...for 99 cents! i bought a few. and they work great. :)

  4. Wow, your designs are awesome, totally lovin' the white rhinestones. Looks fabulous!

  5. Thanks for the tips, love those nail designs

  6. Haha, Hi Abbie! Let's date SOOOOOOON! And can you do my nails hehehe :)

  7. @Lovely:
    wow 99 cents! that's a steal. good for you :D

    Oh dear, the first 3 pictures are NOT my designs. LOL. the 4th one is.

    You are very much welcome.

    Let's goooooo! Let's just stick to the date part though...hahaha. Tara, let's lunch! hahaha :D

  8. Oooh, I did not know about the free edge. Great post!

  9. oh wow, you have a youtube channel? i have to check it out with my mom's like obsessed with nail art!hehehe.

    keep up the great work!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  10. @Meream:
    hehehe didn't know about that before, too. just learned that from nail techs in youtube.

    thanksss! hope you and your mom will enjoy the designs!♥

  11. your nail art looks so lovely!! i'm gonna watch your youtube tutorials now :)

  12. i didn't know about the free edge, thanks for the info.. Love your post and all your nail arts here! <3


  13. Seriously.. I am drooling over those nail designs. I gotta admit though I always ignore my cuticles...(;-_-)
    I'll try to get better though. I also used to scratch myself a lot. Wait, i still do, lol. When ever I get a bunch in a short span I know it's time to cut them down.


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