Thursday, May 5, 2011

College Colors

This morning, I was reading some updates about my college through an online alumni newspaper. Gaaaaaaad, I miss my school. :( It's so ironic because it is now school vacation in the Philippines, yet I suddenly felt that itch to wear my school uniform (yes, I wore uniform in college), pack my pens and notebooks, see my classmates (the fun part!!!) and head to school.

Of course I can't do that. So as I dressed up this morning, I was sorta inspired to use my college colors in my outfit. The actual colors of my school are blue and gold. :) I don't have anything gold in my wardrobe so I opted for a yellow instead.

Oh and how convenient are cotton tshirts these days??????? I could wear them forever during summer! (Forever + during summer = ironic ~ LOL!) This blue cotton shirt is one of the most comfortable I own. I gotta get more in different colors. ^^

How's your summer? Hope everyone's doing alright. ♥♥♥


  1. this is such a cute outfit! love that blue and the jewellery :)


  2. super cute outfit! the colors are all great. :)

  3. i like your outfit ! nice short

  4. cool pics! nice blog too!

    xoxo jenna

  5. i love your hair cut! looks very beautiful:)

    visit my page - maybe you like it.

  6. I'm with ya regarding the cotton shirts. I HATE this humid summer!

    Also, your hair can pass as gold ;-)

  7. I love the little details of your shorts, so cute. XX

  8. really? uniform in college? I'm curious now, I wanna see what it was like =) I like the outfit btw

  9. Love the necklace and top!!
    Your hairstyle is really nice and it suites you ;)


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