Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The White Button Down

 ... is LOVE! 

It's been a while since I last blogged. My two younger siblings are on vacation now (they are still students), so every spare time that I have, I'd rather spend with the whole family. That's because we are really "whole" during school vacations. LOL! It's very rare for us to do that when the school year starts.

Well, enough of the drama.

This is a very comfortable button down shirt I scored from a thrift store. It is really very soft and the fabric is light and doesn't need ironing at all! :) I got this piece almost a month ago, and I just cannot help wearing it at least once a week. Talk about a versatile shirt! This is it! :) I've worn this with denim shorts, with a pencil skirt, as a cover up, as a (sorta) cardigan, and now, with leggings.

I'm also loving my flats as it is super soft in the inside... like Twinkies! LOL! Seriously, the interior of these shoes are cushioned so it feels like you are walking on a carpet. :)

I shoulda prolly took this photoshoot outside so my sunglasses could serve its purpose. But I don't have a tall tripod to use my camera with. :( Boo!

I have tons of these earrings in different colors. They are made of light-weight wood, by the way. :) Aaaaaand each pair only cost me 50 pesos (a little more than a dollar). *^^*

Hope everyone is having a nice day despite the super hot weather! :)


  1. i love the whole outfit!!! and the flats!!! so fab!!

  2. looove your flats! and i think white button-downs are very essential to our wardrobe! =)

  3. @The Beauty Addict: Thanks a lot! :)

    @Jonessa: Thanks so much! Totally agree with you.:)

  4. I love your jewelry. you never can go wrong with black & white combination. It's always look perefect

  5. @Life full of colors: Thanks! That's soooo true. Black and white are classics when it comes to any outfit.

    @Jendee: Thanks a lot, dear! :)

  6. love the way you accessorized this outfit! Love the earrings, especially. :)

  7. PS. I'm following you now! Love your blog!

  8. Nice casual outfit, really lovely. XX

  9. Love this outfit! it's relaxed but edgy.


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