Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bargain Accessories!

See the VENTE tag? Yes, it's only 20 pesos! :D 

Been looking for something like this for the longest time!

This is such a classic. I always use this to work. 

Don't you just love mismatched earrings like these?! <3

Adorable 50-peso rings from Quiapo. 

Would you believe that this is just for 50 pesos? 

Love stacking this with gold or silver bangles. It just adds a pop of color.

Gloomy weather outside. Summer has indeed ended. And yeah, heavy traffic everywhere since the school year just started. I missed school. :(

Anyway, one way to battle the blues (at least for me ~ LOL!) is a little retail therapy. And discovering super inexpensive accessories like these is like celebrating my birthday and Christmas at the same time. :) I really wish I could get more, specially those 20-pesos earrings. They are really such great deals. Now I really need to get a nice accessory organizer (or maybe just make one?) to shelter my babies well. Suggestions? :)

Oh, and speaking of retail therapy... I just got 10 tops today from a thrift shop! Each only cost 80 pesos. I looooove that new thrift shop. Will definitely be back there soon. :) I just finished washing 'em so I'll be lazing around the whole afternoon while chatting online with the boyfriend who is at work. LOL. TMI?!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. It's a long weekend for Filipinos today, but I guess not for me since my employer isn't Filipino. :( Oh well, will just look forward to the holiday pay. :D

Happy weekend! :) :) :)


  1. Sweet finds! I love the turquoise accessores you got!

  2. love 'em! I will post my great finds from quiapo soon~

  3. nice accessories. I love the third earrings and the rings. Great one


  4. lovely accessories!! love the 1st two earrings <3

  5. Yes, retail therapy does wonders. I have been buying few things here and there that are just gonna start adding up. Those are some GREAT deals! I wish I knew any thrift shops in Japan.


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