Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Head

So this was my hair color this morning.

Then, wishing to go darker, I used this.

And this was the end result! 

I'm not complaining, though. LOL. I didn't expect it to be this red, but I still like it. Although I'm not gonna stop on my quest of having darker hair. Probably will dye again after... 1 week?! Is that safe? Suggestions please. :) Thanks! 

I've been neglecting this happy place called Blogger for the past few weeks now. I truly regret it. I missed reading blogs, checking outfit posts, updating myself with what's new, getting nail art ideas, etc. But I'm back now. Will definitely delegate more time with this. 

It's Friday todayyyyy!!! And I'm excited to go thrift shopping tomorrow. :) There's this thrift shop in our area that recently became my favorite. One day I shopped a bit too much (LOL!) from the store, and before I left, the store manager told me that I can leave my contact number with them so they can inform me through text if they have their new arrivals. Soooo thrilled. And the other day, they just did! 

Hope everyone will have an awesome weekend ahead.♥♥♥ 


  1. hello there! i love kolours! :D i love the chestnut brown! :D hey reapplying hair dye after a week is not good at all! wait 2-3 months before you re-dyeing :) wow thrift shopping!!!! :D that's really exciting! :D

  2. ooh coolness! what was your former hair color?
    i like that it's so red!

  3. Whoah the color is amazing!!!


  4. Hello there, gorgeous ladies. :) THanks for the lovely comments. Yeah, I'm loving the red now. But probably not for long. I want darker hair. :)

  5. Thanks for your cute comment! :) Your color is so wonderful! xoxo


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