Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Come, First Serve!

The lovely pearl details. They are perfectly stitched so it stays put.

I got this shirt from my favorite thrift store.

I was checking out this rack of clothes, which probably stretched about 10 feet long. While doing so, my eye caught glance on this shirt being checked out by another lady (who's actually dressed in a gyaru outfit - cute!), and was situated in another rack across the room. She intently looked at it, even tried to "fit" it by placing it against her torso. I was thinking, damn, I should've started with THAT rack first. Oh well. BUT THEN, my heart literally skipped a beat (okay, that was too much, but you get the point - LOL!) when she returned it back to the rack! Guess she didn't like it after all? Good for me, 'cause I do.♥

True story. :)

It's mainly the wet season here already, so my shorts adoring phase must be put into a halt. Will embrace my jeans and leggings for now.

Happy Thursday to me and you! ♥♥♥


  1. hahahahahahah i soooo can relate! i even offered some girl money just because she was holding this uber-cute leather jacket na ma fringe2 pa. she never did let go of it. major heartache!

    im trying to copy your nail arts pero i have really small nails. arrgh. ill try again this weekend. thanks for posting ^^


  2. Dots and pearls! what's not to love about that top, loved the color accents!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. ohhh that shirt looks cute and feminine! i do hold on to my choices when im in thrift stores bec some people are so lazy to look and just grab my choices sometimes tee hee :)


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