Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Grass Skirt on a Cloudy Day

And I'm wearing it on my nails! :D

I love this (not so) new polish from Bobbie. It's so summer-y! I miss summer. :(

I used Bobbie's Grass Skirt and Silver Glitter. :D

Silver Glitter and Grass Skirt, respectively.

Happy Monday to all! <3


  1. your nail polish is absolutely cute!! reminds me of summer greens :)

  2. yey! we have the same color! i love the grass skirt on my finger nails too! <3


  3. looks like a dupe of face shop GR501 :) && i love your lady bug notd

  4. @Cherie:
    awww thanks so much! indeed, this green is so for summer!

    yey! i saw your post too! pretty colors. will also do something like that in the NEAR future! hehe

    you have a pretty name! ♥ thanks for commenting. yeah i love that TFS polish, too! they have a great selection as well.

  5. Lovely color! I will drop by Watson's tomorrow and see if they have this shade. Teehee.

  6. have always loved green...oh my, my nails need a manicure..haven't had one for a month na!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  7. @Meream:
    go go go! good luck! then show us how you do your nails, too.:D

    try this green color on your next mani session.♥ you'll experience summer for awhile.:D

  8. ooh, i love that green color! so pretty~

  9. abbie, thank you so much for dropping by my blog, love:) aren't pretty nails just amazing? yours is adorabs! this color really reminds me of the iconic Chanel jade nail colour. so yummy!

    don't we all love going to the ukay? :)


  10. thank you for following my blog. You obviously have one talented hand...i wish i could also pull off the green color without my hands looking every bit daft. See you around!

  11. very nice color.. reminds me of avocado!!hihi.. abbie,, share naman how you keep your nails strong.. i cannot even grow my nails ven by a mm.!!haha

  12. @Eden:
    thanks so much! yes, it's really similar to that chanel color... but this one's WAYYY cheaper in price. :)

    thank you so much! i love your blog.♥

    yeah, avocado nga! hehehe! sure, i'll do a post on tips for growing out your nails...soon!:D

  13. i have this green polish but i havent try to swatch on my nails yet its pretty really cool for spring..LOL

  14. That one is a beautiful color. I like it. Hope you visit my blog. Follow if you wish and I' ll return the favor.


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