Saturday, December 11, 2010

Because of Paper Bags

So we all love shoes. We cannot seem to get enough of it. Most specially when you see a big "SALE" sign in front of the store! Even when you do not have any plans of shopping for anything, that freakin' sign just blows up everything. LOL

So here is my latest unexpected-shoe-purchase last week and I am so thrilled! Not just because I like the shoes' simplicity, but also the paper bag it came it. I know. I'm shallow.

I actually enjoy Celine paper bags. They are very simple. Always have bold and attractive colors. I have 'em all. The black, the red, the purple (of course!) and now the yellow one. It's really pretty. And it really comes to good use specially on Christmas season when I have to bring gifts to my officemates. They can fit in 1 to 2 Celine paper bags! (Ok so do I sound really weird now?) Hey, no more plastic bags! :D :D :D

Have you ever seriously liked a paper bag from a particular store that you love buying from it just to have more bags?!

Hahaha ~ I know. I am that weird.

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  1. haha i like the paper bags too!
    shoes are always the first thing i see on someone else... nice buy!


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