Friday, December 3, 2010

Get Organized, Bag!!!

My first bag organizer was from SM department store. I liked it, yes. It did serve its purpose. But when I saw these sturdier looking bag organizers from Beabi, I just had to give it a try.

Mother Earth friendly paper bag :D

It is very roomy. :D

Front and back. 

And the best part about this purchase...

Beabi has various storage items in their store so I'm certain you won't leave their store empty handed. Their products are also very inexpensive ~ YEY!


  1. Hi, Abbie! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) I followed you. :)

  2. haha i should buy a bag organizer. it would save me time from rummaging through my bag.

  3. @Psyche:
    You are very welcome! I love reading your ukay adventures, that's for sure! :D

    Yes! I had that problem before, too! Specially if you love carrying huge bags, organizers will make your life easier. :D

  4. oh I've seen these going around lately and it looks like their becoming so popular! do they really help out with organizing your bag space? I don't even know if my bag will fit this hahaha

  5. @Suki:
    Hello. :D Yes it does help a lot! I think it also saves space in my bad every time I use this. And don't worry about it fitting in your bag... they come in different sizes. Mine is the medium sized one. :D


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