Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bargain Finds When You Least Expect It

Last Saturday was my thrift-hunting-day and boy, I was thrilled. I went alone and visited 3 different thrift shops in my area. The sun was mad outside and despite my white shirt and denim shorts outfit, I thought I was gonna faint while walking downtown. Thank goodness the thrift shops I came to were air-conditioned! Whew! At least, I had fun digging for clothes!☺

After my much anticipated retail therapy, I decided to go home BUT much to my disappointment, it is still glaring HOT outside. I was already wearing black sun glasses but I was still squinting. Oh dear! I looked at my left and saw this fun-looking store that was air-conditioned, too. It's actually an everything-100-peso store. But once I got inside, I discovered that they also carried items that are priced at 50 pesos. They had RTWs, sunglasses, slippers, cheap flats, belts, accessories and a lot more. What caught my attention were these babies:

At first glance, I really thought they were the plastic, silver plated type of rings. That was because I saw the 50-peso price tag beside it. :D So I asked one of the saleslady if I could take a look and she pulled out boxes of these assorted rings. I was surprised to discover that they were pretty heavy, definitely made of pure metal. And for only 50 pesos! So I chose the ones I liked and ended up purchasing these 4. :)

While I was paying, the cashier asked me if I wanted it to come in individual boxes. She probably thought I was gonna give it away as gifts because the boxes looked like little Christmas gift boxes. Hahaha. I agreed though. I might be able to use the boxes for actual gifts this holiday. :D

My stubby fingers! LOL 

And hairy, too! Haha!

Hope all is well. :D

Few more days before Christmas! Are you excited. I sure am. ☺☺☺


  1. P50 rings rock! I bought a bunch of P50 rings at a bazaar a few months ago, they look and feel just like the P350 ones being sold at Forever 21. :)

  2. i have rings in my online shop too! :) nice picks! i love all of them! :D

  3. Ate abby! Please tell me where you got these because I think I'll give rings as Christmas presents to people close to my heart :)

    AND please, I need new thrift shops to visit tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. @Lauren:
    Really? P350 @ F21?! Wow ~ i feel even better about my purchase! :D Thanks from dropping by!

    @Thrifty Fashionista:
    Will check out your site. Thanks for dropping by!♥♥♥

    It's in Antipolo, dear! :D Still remember Kris 100? Hehe. That's the place! And marami din ukay shops around that area.

  5. Great rings, I LOVE them all, nice price too!!! :D


  6. girl, i love your for me i buy accessories in divisoria.that place is love though sometimes it's too crowded.

  7. @Mickey:
    Thanks! Yeah winner ang price! :D

    Thank you so much! I love divi, too but it's really a hassle to go there specially at this time of the year! Hay... i'll probably wait till January or Feb... Hehe!

  8. Great find for great rings!

  9. wow great finds. The ring with the rosettes is my favorite...They surely look worth more than 50pesos!

  10. @Puck:
    Thanks so much! I ♥ your blog. :D

    Hey, we have the same name! :D Thanks for dropping by.

    Yeah, that's my fave, too! :) Thanks!

  11. wow! what a gorgeous things! Love all of 'em and the rose one looks cool!

  12. @MyMakeUpMania:
    Thanks so much! Yeah, the rose ring is the best! :D

  13. Pretty yet affordable rings. Love them. Following you btw.

  14. wow, awesome!

    come visit and hope you follow my blog too if you liked it! thanks!


  15. @Chiqui:
    Thanks so much! Followed you back :D

    Yeah, they're so lovely no? :D

    Thanks for dropping by :D Will also check your your site. :)

  16. Hi.. thx for commenting on my blog..
    those are lovely rings.. :)

  17. I love shopping for rings at bazaars! Just the other day I found a double finger ring (also like the ones at F21), for only 100. Love your choices!

  18. Oh pretty!
    Sadly, I can only use adjustable rings. :(

  19. sweeet rings!!! i'm now following you.

  20. @Uli:
    Thank you so much dear!

    Thanks for dropping by! Glad you like the rings. :)

    Wow ~ a double finger ring for 100pesos?! Awesome! I saw one @ 50th Ave. in Galleria and it costs 250 :(

    Thank you so much!

    Dear, why oh why? Don't worry ~ I see a lot of those adjustable rings in bazaars these days. :)

    Thanks so much!!! ♥♥♥

  21. great finds abbie! i love every single piece! :)
    and oh, thanks for visiting my blog. followed you, follow me back? ^^

    I Am DollParts

  22. @Jed:
    Thank you! I am following you waaayyy back! *^^*

  23. nice rings! lalo na yung pinaka una sa first picture. adik ako sa rings, the bigger the better hehe. too bad iniwan ko halos lahat ng metal rings ko sa Pinas, plastic ones lang dinala ko when I left ang bigat kasi. waaah na miss ko yung rings ko hehe!

    PS: i enjoyed reading your entries. following you now <3

    Lee []


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