Monday, October 18, 2010

Always Been Brown

I've been having my hair dyed since high school. Hehe yes, high school. It wasn't allowed in my school but i was able to get away with it ~ don't know how.

As time went by, I started lemming for better hair color products because I always want to do my own hair coloring (I love anything DIY).

This is my hair color at the moment.

I have black hair. When I got my hands on Revlon Colorsilk in strawberry blonde, I knew my hair would NOT look like the one on the box picture. But I still used it anyway... I just left it on my hair for an hour ~ instead of 20 minutes (which was what the box said). Hahaha ~

See? Your hair will only turn out this way if you're a natural blonde.

I've always wanted to go past my brown hair stage and move on to being blonde ~ LOL. Not that blonde though... just the right intensity that would match my skin tone. BUT I'm afraid to bleach my hair... so I'll just settle for this. :)

Pardon the autistic look.
What hair color do you use? And what do you use to maintain it? :D


  1. How come it wasn't allowed? O_O
    Great color by the way :)

  2. hello MissMarlboro! thanks for commenting! :D
    it wasn't allowed because my school was tooooo conservative! LOL

  3. Well, even if you don't go blonde, I think this color looks great =) You hair looks close to the color on the box though, so maybe you don't have to bleach it after all!

  4. oh man, i should dye my hair for a change lol. It's always been black and i used to have highlights back in college for 2 months.

    The color looks really nice on you :)

  5. @Rilakumaki:
    hahaha ~ i hope so. bleaching is just too bad for the hair and scalp.

    thank you! :D been following your blog for quite awhile and i love it!

  6. i recently dyed my hair blond was loreal's though and it was light blonde..instead of putting it on for 30 mins though, i had it on for only 20 too scared.hehe. i think we have the same shade now...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  7. @Gizelle:
    awww thanks for commenting. been following your blog for a long time now ~ i love how you rock your thrifted finds :D ~ and yeah, sometimes its scary to leave hair color on your hair too long... but i'm used to it na. hehe

  8. Oo nga Abbie. Bawal iyan sa school natin! Hahaha! Bawal rin yatang mag-bra lang na walang kamisol dapat may sando pa rin! Oh highschool! Oh alma mater haha!!


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