Friday, October 22, 2010

Denim Love

I got denim shoes! ♥ 

It's been raining a LOT in here. It's sooo cold, too. Days like these can really make a toll on our disposition for the day. Trust me. My students could feel it if I'm gloomy no matter how I try to sound perky in our classes. So yesterday, before heading to work, I "stopped by" (that's my i-wanna-shop-NOW expression) the mall and got myself a pair of shoes. The one that I got was from WAGW. I was supposed to buy a high-heeled one but they don't have my size anymore. (TIP: the WAGW sweet saleslady told me that they always have new stocks every Friday ~ and I went there on a Thursday ~ boo!) Anyway, when I saw these denim flats, I knew I already wanted to buy it. BUT, holy macaroni! The pair on display was the only pair left! So I carefully inspected the pair (because I was determined to get it) and thought it was still a great condition. The saleslady told me that A GUY just bought the last pair in stock a few minutes before I entered the store... yes, A GUY. I dared not ask further questions anymore since I'm gonna be late for work.

So I left the mall with a huge grin, while flashes of outfits-best-with-denim-flats images went through my fizzled brain. And... I'm so happy.♥
Their canvass bag ~ yay for saving Mother Earth! 

The zipper detail. :) 
The best part!♥


  1. Thanks, Wynne! :D i sooo love it, too!♥

  2. A guy shopping from WAGW...Hmm...

    Lucky you got that last pair :)


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