Monday, October 25, 2010

I Left Too Early

I left for work early today because I wanted to start the week right. Then I noticed that the roads are so clear and suddenly I remembered: today is local elections day in the Philippines! (I didn't vote ~ sahhhryy!) So that's why there are lesser vehicles on the roads. Yebah!

BUT ~~~ since I was TOO early to set foot inside my office, I decided to head to the nearest mall again It was probably 3 minutes away on foot. That meant only one thing: wallet damage! And this was the pretty damage:

Another great thing is that I brought my camera and memory card reader with me today so now I am able to blog about this! ♥

Really cute details ♥
I got it from the department store in Robinson's Galleria. It was on sale, actually. The original price was already very low so I was rendered speechless when the saleslady told me that it still has 30% discount. Why, hello HAPPY MONDAY!!! ♥


  1. lol! wallet damage... know that too well... great buy though!

  2. wow!!! so cute...:D i feel this need to buy more ballet flats..but my mom thinks i should stop na..hehehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. Hey abbie! Where did you buy this! AND DO YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE NEIGHBORS?! I JUST WORK AROUND ORTIGAS!!! <3

  4. @Len:

    got it from the department store in galle :D yey - neighbors! hahaha! i'm in strata 2000 :D you?

  5. These are so cute, I LOVE flats!

  6. those flats are so cute!


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