Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's All Embrace 2011! :D

My sister, my mom, my brother, and my dad. I took the picture, hence, my absence. LOL

Whew! Holidays for me and family are always extremely busy! Family gatherings, reunions, gift buying, cooking, organizing of parties... the list goes on. I'm glad that the busy days are over, but somehow dissed because the celebrations have also stopped. :( Oh well, we could still make everyday Christmas or New Year, right? :) :) :)

I have numerous things I'd like to post in this blog. But, my oh my, I cannot decide where to start! :P

Maybe I'll post these pictures of my nails for the past two weeks of celebration.

My Christmas week nails. It's an old pattern that I always play with.

My New Year nails! Nothing dotsy in it cause I wanted something simple and different. The stars, BTW, are nail jewels that are gifted from a cousin.

Choosing nails designs are always very tricky to me. I want something special since I'll be seeing friends and relatives whom I very seldom meet. However, I also need to think of designs that can easily match different outfits for the different occasions to attend. That was probably the reason my New Year nails are not as extravagant as others might think it would. But I don't care! :D

I missed reading blogs! I'm ecstatic (in a way...LOL) now that I'm back to my normal waking up / sleeping schedule, hence, having time to log on to my Blogspot!


  1. Happy New Year Abby! I love the photo of your family..:) And great nail arts for the holidays!! <3


  2. @Mickey:
    Thanks a bunch, dear! Happy New Year to you and your family as well. :D

  3. That pic of ur family is too cute!!! The nails are adorable too, did u use a dotting tool?

  4. omygosh! did you do that nail art to yourself? *all hail* ang galing!!! :D haha and sayang you weren't in the family picture above! but great shot! :)

    xoxo hazel
    hope you could visit my blog :)

  5. @Rilakumaki:
    Thank you! Yes, I used a dotting tool for those designs. :) Makes life easier!

    Yes I did, thanks! I visited your blog. Now I'm following you, too. :)

  6. damn girl, you did all that by yourself?? that's awesome! i can't even put regular nail polish w/o making a total mess, especially on my right hand. giving you two thumbs up right now!

    boat ride through the sky


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