Monday, January 24, 2011

Tell Me Where You're Going

Warning: Spoiler alert for the movie 127 Hours!

Last December, I had the opportunity to watch a this film entitled 127 Hours. I'm sure you have heard of that. I'm also pretty much sure that you have seen it, too (or maybe got interested in doing so). It was, well, a very inspiring and thought-provoking movie. The story was based from real life events, mind you. That made viewing the movie even more exciting.

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Last night, my boyfriend came by to my place and surprised me with a DVD of the movie. I was thrilled! And since my sister and my brother - who are both movie addicts like me - are home, we decided to watch the movie again all together. It was the first time for my sibs to see it, second time for me and my boyfriend.

After the film, my siblings were like, "Wow, that's great. I never would have thought of doing that just to live." My boyfriend and I, on the other hand, had an emotional (yes, emotional. LOL) talk about the movie. Both of us were almost in tears while discussing what we would do if ever we encounter a similar situation.

Is there a valid reason to leave your phone at home when you are going somewhere?
Would you ever go somewhere without telling anyone, not a single person, about it? 
How far would you go to save yourself from danger?  

and lastly,

Would you actually amputate your arm if it got stuck in between huge rocks and no one is around to help you?:(

These were some of the questions that got us thinking. Again, the movie is based on facts. While watching it, one could definitely feel the possibility of the same things happening to anyone. ANYONE. You do not have to be a mountaineer like Ralston (the character, who is actually a real person) to experience morbid accidents as such. You do not have to be an adventurer to have close encounters with death.

If you want to be inspired to live, or just be inspired, watch this film. :) Please do. :)
If you have seen this film, good for you. :)


  1. I watched this film yesterday.I can't imagine cutting my arm to survive.nah!he's really brave.i cried during the premonition scenes.hehe.

  2. That(movie) is so brave and scary at the same time.. Will try to watch it..:)

  3. @Jing:
    Awwwwww ~ yeah the premonition scenes were nakaka-kilabot!

    Yes, he was brave indeed! I hope you enjoy watching it. :)

  4. now am soo intrigued. Thank you for the heads up! I meant to watch it after hearing great raves about it but never got around to do so. Now i got to get me a copy so i could watch it over and over.

  5. @Aiz:
    I really hope you like the film. Truly inspiring. :D


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