Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Very Purple Year Ahead!

Aside from all the celebrations held at the end of each year, another thing that brings me so much excitement is when I go hunt for the perfect planner for the following year. I always get giddy looking at the sea of planners in bookstores or even in office supply stores. I'm like a kid in an ice cream store deciding which flavor to have!

I don't know about you, but looking for THE planner is a big deal for me. That piece of notebook will be with me for the rest of the year, so it really has to be perfect in my eyes. Last year, I went for a planner with a plain black cover, then I decorated it with pink and purple rhinestones, pearls, and shiny stickers. That way, my planner will not look the same as my co-workers'. LOL!

This year, I went for something simpler, but made sure that it had the color I like love. ♥

I am certain that you may have seen this planner in National Book Stores or in Robinson's Department Stores cashiers. :D It is sold in blue, green and pink. :) But I only saw the purple ones in NBS.

I know a lot of people opted for the Starbucks' planner, and I honestly don't understand why! LOL! Don't get me wrong... I like its design but I'm not digging the inside of the planner. My golden rule when purchasing a planner is that there should be one whole page dedicated for each day of the year. The Starbucks' planner does not have that.

Where did you get your planner for this year? :D Do you love it? ♥♥♥
Have an awesome weekend ahead, everyone! :D


  1. where did you get this planner? lol its so nice and cute. it looks like a lot like your blog

  2. LOL me too!!! I love getting planners. I always look for what kind of features it has, like a budget log or monthly goals check list lol... I'm such a sucker for those.

  3. I bought mine in Powerbooks. It is called the.. "This Hournal will actually change someone's life!!! 2011"

    Gawd I am in love with it kahit walang mga coupons etc


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