Friday, January 21, 2011

Nothing Special About This Friday

 ...but the idea of being hours away from weekend brings the biggest, most genuine smile on my face!☺ Happy Friday to everyone!

My partner in crime for this blog (a.k.a. my camera) was borrowed for a week so I wasn't able to post pictures of the nail art designs I came up with this week. I got my little gadget back today though, so I'll be shooting crazy some things I will blog about next week. *^^*

For now, I will be listing down the things I am currently obsessed with.♥♥♥

Denim shorts! I particularly love the distressed ones. They are my current fashion eye candies. A few months back, our family received a huge balikbayan box from a relative abroad that contained heaps of clothes. There were tons of jeans, too! But sadly, I wasn't interested with the styles it carried. So I watched countless video tutorials on how to cut denim pants into shorts and make them look stylish and updated. :D
Photo from Google
Photo from Google

Zebra prints! Last year, I was so engrossed with the idea of leopard prints and now I candidly moved on to a fellow animal print - this time, black and white. :D I have a VERY similar skirt like this but instead of black and white, it was black and gray.
(Photo from Google) Now if only I have that body to rock this kind of outfit!!!! So jealous! 
Zebra print top from thrift shop. :D
Zebra print tank top from Robinsons' Department Store

Turquoise jewelry! I love purple. I also love turquoise. ♥♥♥ It all started when my sweet cousin gifted me a pair of turquoise earrings for Christmas (pictured below). After that, I began buying rings, necklaces, more earrings and even more rings with turquoise stones (not the real ones, though... I can only wish!).

Photo from Google

Milk tea! Sad fact: I cannot drink coffee (unless it's decaffeinated). My heart just cannot handle caffeine well. :( But I worry not, because Lipton milk tea saves my day! :D I love having tea (the real ones that you steep) at home but when I'm at work, I settle for the ones from sachets. It tastes the same, minus the hassle of mixing tea, creamer and sugar. It's perfect for the really cold January breeze.♥

Lip balms! It's sooo cold these days! And I think it's even colder here where I live because we're almost on top of Manila. Unfortunately, the cold and dry weather has taken a toll on my lips. You see, I have thick lips, and when it becomes dry and flaky, it is just SO OBVIOUS. :( I have always carried lip balms with me since high school. My first one was Chapstick. After a while, I got tired with it's strong scent, so I moved on to Nivea. Now, I am absolutely in love with Carmex. At night though, before I go to dreamland, I only use petroleum jelly on my lips. I've been doing that for more than a decade now and have always loved the result.
Photo from Google
Photo from Google 
This is the exact same brand I use. :D (Photo from Google) 

There you go. My "obsessions" would probably change from time to time. Heehee! *^^*

I'm still grinning from ear to ear because it's Friday. I hope this weekend will be an awesome one for all of us.


  1. Girl, I'm digging into zebra prints too.and torqouise is so IN now.

  2. Haha happy weekend dear! Those are fab obsessions! especially the turquoise stones and the zebra prints ;)


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