Friday, January 21, 2011

Naked Without These

Just like you, my heart melts once I enter a shop filled with interesting pieces of jewelries. It always does. If I had a million dollars, I'd probably spend a quarter of it on accessories alone. I am quite picky though, and there are certain accessories that I do not like much... like bracelets and bangles - not so much of a big fan, so I only have a few. What I have the most are earrings, which make me think: I should make a separate blog post on that. :D

Some of the pieces I acquired on the first month of the new year (so far! hahaha!):

Very classic. <3

Because butterflies are lovely creatures. :D 

Chunky shell ring. 

Connector ring. No, it's not from Forever21. :) 

Turquoise = LOVE. Note to self: Get more! :D

Gotta have a purple pair <3

My go-to pair these days. :D 

I saved the best for last. :D

One of my favorite verses. :D 

The last is my favorite necklace at the moment. It sort of like a mini charm necklace. One of reasons I got it is because not only is the mini Eiffel Tower adorable, it also looks like a letter A... for Abbie. :D Yeah, I'm shallow like that. :P

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! *^^*


  1. i love those teeny eiffel towers too!!! You've got the cutest loot!

  2. i love the last piece!!! very exquisite

  3. cute, i really like the chunky shell ring. i love how you took a pic of them outside, lovely pics

  4. @Aiz Kim:
    thanks so much! yeah those little towers are the cutest!

    thank you, dear! exquisite indeed! ♥

    thank you! well, i took the bright sunshine into good use last saturday! hahaha :D

  5. Oooh lots of delicious trinkets! I'm drooling! :)

  6. Gosh, I love the butterfly necklace! x

  7. Thanks, Nikki! Apparently, that's the cheapest from the bunch. 2$! :D

  8. beautiful jewelries! i love the first piece, it's very classy and chic. your blog is adorable, would you like to follow each other?

    xx elle

  9. Thanks, Elle! Followed your blog!♥

  10. I love all your pics. and i totally am in love with the snake ring!

  11. Hey sweetie I'm a new reader... And I have a few comments for you =)
    1. For starters, I live purple and polka dots too! I'm assuming u do cos ur blog's URL has "purple" and ur background is purple/polka... and I just like knowing people who like the same this as i I do.
    2. These accessories are just rad specially the Eiffel tower pendant! I love it!
    3. You're such an artist.. Keep up your works cos I look forward to reading more from your posts =)


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