Friday, March 4, 2011

Almost Ready for Summer!

Ironic title since it's pouring just a bit outside as I type. But I still know that summer is fast approaching and I'm getting giddy about it already. One reason is that I get to wear shorts more. I like wearing shorts... a lot! I'm quite lucky because I work in an office where it's allowed to wear shorts anytime of the week (in an appropriate way, of course). *^^* But really, I like the comfort it gives. :)

Last weekend, I had an "art attack" moment (LOL!) and decided to rip some old denim pants and convert them into shorts. :) Added a few little things, too, to make it look... ummm... unique. :)

When mom saw this, she was like, "Are those cat food pellets?" LOL! 

Saw a piece of black lace laying around mom's sewing kit and made good use of it! ^^

And finally, a classic. :)

I'd probably abuse this little baby. The fit is just perfect. :D 

I hate that it's still raining as I end this blog post. I hope it stops soon. ~~~ ORRR better yet, I'll just crawl back to bed and take advantage of the weather. Heeeeheeeee. *^^*

Happy weekend to all! <3


  1. You are super creative! The shorts are very cute!

  2. art attack ---> Hahaha! I laughed out loud, for real.

    Love the buttoned pair. :)

  3. Abbie, I really like the buttoned one! I hope I'll have an art attack too! For realz. Hahaha!


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