Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mixed Blues

I was in the mood to use blues for my nail art design this week, however, I couldn't think of just one design. (artist's block?! LOL)

Arghhhhh... My birthday is in a week and I am very pressured... financially. LOL! Have to provide birthday blowout (which is FOOD) for work and two sets of barkada. Oh my! 


  1. Wow! You're like a nail artist! ^.^ What nail polish do you use?

    Advance Happy Birthday Abbie! =))

  2. Thanks, Jing!

    Thanks, Jendee! I only use local brands. :) But I also like Elianto and The Face Shop polishes. :)

  3. ur nails are seriously perfect all the time!!

  4. What do you use to put those dots? i watched all your nail art videos on youtube.. soO cute :)


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