Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something Borrowed and Something New

Newly found, that is! Last night, I was rummaging through some rarely used bags and saw these pretty earrings I have owned ages ago. I think I only used it twice or thrice since....2006??? So when my eyes laid on them again, it was like looking at a beautiful accessory for the first time! Then I told myself, "Imma wear this tomorrow!!!". And I did!

It's tribal-ish, no? :) 

I love long earrings! ♥ 

And even if it's not that interesting, (LOL) I'd like to post my outfit for today.

Borrowed: Cardigan
New (found): Earrings

I could live in denim shorts forever! I just wish that bruise on my upper left thigh will disappear fast. :(

Happy Thursday!☺♥☺♥☺


  1. lovely earrings!

  2. love your earrings! i love long earrings too but i dont have the discipline to wear them all day. they always get caught in my hair/ clothes/ fingers and I end up taking them off mid-day. i should really try wearing them the whole day. you look so pretty in your red sweater :)

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  3. cute earrings! The necklace also looks nice=)


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