Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthdays Should Be A Week Long

When we were kids, we always get excited when our birthdays are coming up. We just sit back and relax, and wait for whatever our parents prepared for us. Now that we're grown ups, all preparations are usually left to US, or to fellow grown ups (a.k.a. our dear friends). It can be fun and tiring at the same time. That's probably what made me busy for the past week. But guess what, despite all those conundrums, I still wanna spend my birthdays for a week long! :) No matter what, birthdays (whoever's) will always be fun.

As much as I wanted to spend all my birthday money shopping for shoes, clothes and bags, I have to stop myself because I now am saving up for something - *fingers crossed* - nifty! :) Oh heavens, wish me luck! :) Still, I decided to buy a few pieces of accessories, one of my weaknesses.

Aren't these such eye candies? *^^*

Have an amazing weekend ahead!


  1. I love earrings the most, but I love allyour purchases! Happy birthday!

  2. I hearts the cassette necklace and bow ring!!!

  3. so cute!! i love the bow ring, I bought one but realize it was size too small :{

  4. am so in love with the red it made of wood? Hope you had a fun birthday...thanks for the greeting you left on my last post by the way. Good luck on your saving-spree!

  5. i love the rings!!! <3 belated happy birthday abbie!


  6. Those accessories are really cute! I love the necklace. It's adorable!

  7. cute rings i really like them:D
    love from hk

  8. oooooh i LOVE!!!! I love that cassette tape pendant and those rings!!! boy I'm such a sucker for rings..


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